Welcome to COMP-U-SHIP. We are giving ourselves a facelift. 

Once in a while it is good to clean out the cobwebs and make sure we are providing  the best information for our new and existing clients.  We are doing that now in a redesign of our website.  Basic information can be found on the is page in the meantime!  Stay tuned for more to come!

Awesome Technology News

  • Pay Your Bill - Click Here
    Published by COMPUSHIP - 09 December 2018

    Paying your bill online is easy and secure.  Just follow the instructions!

  • Basic Refurbished Workstation Sale
    Published by COMPUSHIP - 10 November 2018

    This year COMPUSHIP is having a closeout sale of our basic Windows 7 workstations for $49.  Act fast, sale ends when 2018 does!